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Terms & Conditions


This website is provided by ProductBase Pty Ltd. The information contained within this website has been sourced independently or supplied from the manufacturer/supplier/distributor. The information is the property of their relevant owners. ProductBase provides the service of compiled information presented in our standard with extra facilities such as the price ticketing. The information within this website is used to provide electrical retailers (or other relevant parties) with information and specs to be a guide or indication. While ProductBase ensures that you have the latest, most accurate and comprehensive product information and images at the time of publishing, there can be cases where the information may be out of date or rendered out of date or inaccurate. The end user should always check with the supplier/manufacturer first before making decisions in regards to the information and dimensions presented. ProductBase accepts no responsibility for the consequences or reliance placed on the content of the information published on the website.


  • The subscription includes web access to our information database and price ticketing feature, all in one price.
  • The subscription is valid until the subscription has been cancelled either by ProductBase or written notification given to ProductBase from the user to cancel the subscription.
  • The user can cancel at anytime but is liable for the cost ($55 + GST plus any outstanding money) of the month that the cancellation notice has been given.
  • ProductBase reserves the right to cancel any subscriptions at anytime. This can be due to outstanding accounts or violation of the terms and conditions.
  • Each store requires its own subscription unless otherwise there has been a prior arrangement/agreement between ProductBase and the user


All material (apart from product information and images which are owned by their respective suppliers/distributors), the software, design, text and graphics are owned by ProductBase Pty Ltd and are protected by the copyright laws of Australia.

Privacy Statement

The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to explain how we collect and use personal information.

All information provided to ProductBase by the user is used with strict confidentiality. This includes any surveys we do. We only use the information provided to improve the product or services we provide. The information will not be disclosed to any parties outside of ProductBase. We do have the option to present to you offers from third party companies that we believe is relevant to you.

As you navigate and browse through this website, we collect usage data based on that login name. The information collected includes:

  • Time logged on and term of stay
  • Categories, brands and model numbers viewed
  • Which products were printed

There is the possibility that this information will be disclosed to parties outside of ProductBase. If this does occur, the information will be disclosed in a manner that will not identify you.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this privacy statement, please contact ProductBase.

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